With events being cancelled and rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, the UK grassroots music scene is likely to lose over £40 million in ticket sales between the months of March and June alone. This loss will threaten jobs, livelihoods and may also cause independent promoters, production companies and venues to close.

Gigseekr have set up the Grassroots Music Fund to help alleviate some of the immediate financial pressure that event organisers, promoters, venues, artists and many others will be facing right now. Our concept is simply to support the industry through these difficult times, so that when things pick up, they are able to continue providing the joy of live music for many years to come.

This fund can only support the grassroots music scene with donations. If you are a gig-goer, music lover, industry member or care about your local community, please donate and share.

Together we can save the local music scene, by donating what we can.

Grassroots music venues were set to host over 5,000 gigs between the months of March and June, the staff at Gigseekr are working their way through each of these events to help us understand the true impact on the industry.

Our aim is to raise a minimum of £500,000 that will be used to help the industry in this time of need.

How will we help?

The Grassroots Music Fund will aim to look at the potential ticket revenue a cancelled event could have generated. Those who have lost earnings will be invited to apply to the fund for help of up to 80% of their losses and up to a maximum of £2,000 per event.

What events are eligible?

Any live music event that was due to take place at a venue with a capacity of 500 or less will be able to make a claim for an event that has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Whether through government closure, or concern for gig-goers health at the earlier stages.

When an event has been rescheduled and has moved to a different venue due to COVID-19, the original venue operators will be able to claim for the loss of the venue hire.

Who can claim?

Anyone who was involved in a qualifying event where their earnings would come directly from the ticket sales. This can include, but is not limited to: Venue Hire, Artist Fees, Promoter, Event Organiser, Sound/Lighting Technicians (unless employed by the venue), Production Crew.

How can I claim?

We want to make sure that there will be sufficient amount of funds available to make it viable to start distributing to claimants. We will open up the claim process as soon as the fund reaches a minimum amount of £50,000. So please check back from time to time to see how the fund is doing, and when we are in a position to start accepting applications. With everyone’s help and support, we hope it won’t be long!

With a special thank you to our supporters

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